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Covid-19 Peace educational reflections on the transformational potential of a virus

Covid-19 shows that in the global social system we are interconnected as well as interdependent on a physical and social level and thus vulnerable. Peace education shows the potential for conflict and peace associated with this.

Covid-19: Friedenspädagogische Betrachtungen des Transformationspotentials eines Virus

Covid-19 zeigt, dass wir in dem globalen Gesellschaftssystem auf physischer und sozialer Ebene ebenso miteinander verbunden wie voneinander abhängig und dadurch vulnerabel sind. Die Friedenspädagogik zeigt damit verbundene Konflikt eund Friedenspotentiale auf.

In Search of a State

In Search of a State Will Robin Hood be able to save Lebanon from its kleptocratic leaders? 09.09.2021 Preview Only Lebanon Capital: BeirutLanguages: the official language is Arabic. Other spoken languages include North Levantine dialect, English, French, and Armenian.Population: 6.825 million (2020)Area: 10,452 km² (4,036 sq miles) Did you know? Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims, Christians […]