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Greetings from the Newcomers: Where the journey is headed

Greetings from the Newcomers:
Where the journey is headed

The Blog „The Yelling 20s?“ has a new team: Students of the M.A. Peace and conlict studies from the  Philipps-University of Marburg are looking forward to continuing to project.


Marburg, Germany

State: Hesse
Language: The official language is German but the regional dialect is Hessian. The dialect is as well partly spoken in Rhineland-Palatinate, Franconia, Westphalia.
Population in Marburg: approx. 75,849

Did you know?

Where are we as a society at the beginning of the 21st century and where do we want to go? Are we spinning utopias and colonizing Mars soon, or are we solving social and environmental injustice on Earth? Do we work for more democracy, fair and transparent trade relations, a more peaceful and humane foreign policy or do we surrender to populist and autocratic dystopias? If there is one thing that the current Covid-19 pandemic makes clear to us, it is that global problems are also human problems and require solidarity – if only for the self-interest of the respective societies.

At this point, we as the new team from the M.A. Peace and Conflict Studies at Philipps-Universität-Marburg will gladly continue the great work of our predecessors. As before, the broad concept of solidarity remains the framing of this blog’s content. Our contributions and those of the authors are to negotiate again and again what solidarity means for everyone, where solidarity begins and where it ends. Is it simply a matter of providing a platform for marginalized voices, or must every contribution aim for social change? Which groups are considered to be marginalized and how are they represented? Critical self-reflection of our privileges and chosen focal points will be focussed. Nevertheless, a space opens up for various other topics, which will also enrich the diversity of our blog and hopefully stimulate exciting new dynamics on this platform.

What is new?

Two geographic areas will be added in our future portfolio. As we are convinced that solidarity also starts at our own doorstep – social inequality, racist hostilities and terrorist attacks, climate change – we will additionally look at Europe in the future. The region of West Asia and North Africa is still characterized by wars in Yemen and Syria, but also by civil society protest movements and reconstruction efforts in Iraq, Libya and Lebanon – we are likewise focusing more strongly on this social, political and economic region, which is independent in many respects.
We are introducing three new content formats: Our briefs inform you concisely about political, social and economic events. Our analyses are precise examinations of complex issues, which we present in a comprehensible way. Commentaries feature personal opinions or political demands and invite you to participate in lively discussions on the blog.

Stay tuned!

If you are curious and interested in going beyond browsing through the exciting articles, you are most welcome to participate and contribute! Please contact us via: theyelling20s(at)

We are excited about our first blog posts, which will appear here regularly in the coming weeks, and to have a lively discussion about them. Solidarity is a process of negotiation and therefore we are looking forward to critical-constructive debates. For now, we reserve the right to take a little creative break and will be back soon with our first thrilling entry! As a small teaser, we are currently focusing on human rights violations in the context of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. However, there are other links between these two topics that have not been discussed so far – and that is in Europe!

Until then, stay curious and critical! See you soon!

Your new Orga-Team of the blog „The Yelling 20s?“
Foelke, Joschka, Laura,
Lena, Marian & Moritz

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