“Nature is the foundation of my resilience”

“Nature is the foundation
of my resilience”

Sudipta from Auroville talks about changes in her personal life due to Covid-19
as well as positive lessons that may be drawn from the current crisis.


Republic of India
Capital: New Delhi
Languages: more than 447 spoken languages; Hindi and English are the official languages.
Population: approx. 1.33 billion

Did you know?

How are the lives of people around the world affected by the current Covid-19 pandemic? On our journey to capture these diverse voices, we invite different people to share their experiences and thoughts with us. Sudipta from Auroville has taken up the microphone to talk about the changes in her life since Corona and reflects on unsustainable global systems, daily distractions and pockets of beauty.

Auroville Township
Auroville is a universal township in the south of India in the State of Tamil Nadu close to the city Pondicherry (or Puducherry). Starting in 1968, Auroville was built by representatives of 124 nations worldwide with the support of UNESCO, who commend it „as a project of importance to the future of humanity“.1 The aim of Auroville is the realization of human unity by celebrating diversity. Since its founding, the community is constantly growing; at present 3000 people from 58 different nations call Auroville their home. In harmony with the goal of a sustainable living, the inhabitants from Auroville are concerned with the cultural, social, environmental and spiritual needs of human beings.
YouthLink Organization
YouthLink is a youth organization exploring ways to integrate youth into Auroville through education and project support.2 Founded in 2015 by young people from Auroville, YouthLink aims to facilitate newcomer and Aurovillian young adults between 18 and 40 years to become part of Auroville by providing information on apprenticeships, job opportunities, workshops and internships in the township. Furthermore, YouthLink develops its own courses such as the Auroville Peer Education Training, and hosts trainings such as the four-weeks „Comm4Unity“, an Ecovillage Design Education course designed by the international organisation Gaïa Education. Further information on YouthLink and its activities can be found on their website.

Sudipta and her work colleagues from YouthLink in front of Auroville’s famous Matrimandir


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